Docker installation

Docker installation

Using Docker to deploy GameDash is the easiest way to get started. All the images are publicly available through Docker hub and can be easily pulled with the docker-compose.yml configuration file.

Because of overhead when running Docker on a Windows host, we recommend running it on a Linux host machine.

Installing Docker

Both Docker and Docker Compose are required to run the pre-packaged build of GameDash. Docker Compose is a tool that allows you to run multiple images at the same time using one command. Each image is configured with the docker-compose.yml configuration file.

To install Docker, follow the official guide for your platform at Once Docker is installed, install Docker Compose:





Because we want GameDash to scale, we've split it up in to multiple microservices. We advise to register a DNS A record for each of the 3 services that are hosted through Docker being frontend, backend and relay eg. relay.gamedash.*, api.gamedash.* and gamedash.*.

API config

API config can be found in the config/backend directory. The API uses development.json if GAMEDASH_DEVELOPMENT_MODE is set to DEVELOPMENT, else it defaults to production.json. For now, we won't have to edit it since it's all handled by the setup wizard.

Frontend config

The config/frontend.json file contains all the settings for the frontend web UI.

Run it

Phew! You're all done with the boring stuff. Now on to the good bit: starting everything!

Because we're using Docker, you don't have to install any dependency, configure web servers etc. All the images are already pre-built for you. Simply execute docker-compose up -d to bring all the images up and daemonize them.

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